Mai-Anh Boger

Wer partizipiert an wessen Bildung? – Einsatzpunkte einer universalismuskritischen Bildungstheorie


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This paper examines the human right to education in its relation to pedagogical understanding of participation and scrutinizes claims of universality. From a post- and decolonial perspective it is questioned whether it is possible, and if yes, how it is possible to discern false and oppressive universalisms from emancipatory universalisms, that must be defended. After elaborating a pedagogical concept of participation (2) the consequences of these philosophical and political thoughts for an engaged pedagogy are examined (3): Who has a right to participate in which educational settings? Which understanding of education/Bildung is open to whom? Who is forced to participate in a form of Bildung he has not and would not freely submit to?

universalism criticism, participation, emancipation, education theory