Klaus Seitz

Demokratie und Zivilgesellschaft unter Druck. Anzeichen und Hintergründe einer weltweiten Krise

Kurzlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102752
.doi: https://doi.org/10.31244/zep.2019.01.02

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Based on a historic-systematic view, this article looks for explanations for the current state and the associated options for action of strong democracies. For this purpose, empirical findings and theoretical considerations are described in the global context. The need for multilateral political action for sustainability in a globalized world is described as necessary according to the planet's survivability. It becomes clear that all this needs innovative impetus and remains committed to immutable universal human rights. Beyond a return to exclusionary nation states, there is a plea for vibrant democracy with a strong civil society foundation.

Democracy, freedom, sustainability, civil society