Mandy Singer-Brodowski

Transformative Bildung durch transformatives Lernen. Zur Notwendigkeit der erziehungswissenschaftlichen Fundierung einer neuen Idee


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In the past few years, transformative education was increasingly discussed as a new concept within the debates on global learning and education for sustainable development. Although the idea of transformative education is based on a deep understanding of transformation, it has little theoretical basis from a pedagogical point of view. Against this background, this article will firstly introduce perspectives of transformative learning which derive from adult education. On the one hand, these perspectives focus on the change of individual perspectives of meaning; on the other hand, they focus on collective processes of emancipation. Secondly, it will be reflected, how far these approaches of transformative learning can considerably enrich the idea of transformative education by adding pedagogical perspectives.

Education for Sustainable Development, Transformative Education, Transformative Learning