Claudia RichterRicardo Morales Ulloa

Education for All in Honduras – 15 Jahre nach Dakar


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The main focus of this article is Honduras, one of the 60 countries worldwide, which has participated in the EFA-Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI) during the last 12 years in order to achieve a comprehensive primary education and increase equal opportunities with regard to access to education. On the one hand the article presents a brief review about the history of EFA-FTI. On the other hand the authors illustrate, that since 2000 this small Central American country has been made some significant advances, although the achievement of the EFA-goals was clearly missed. Furthermore, the authors attempt to show some possible causes, that were detrimental for the successful achievement of EFAgoals, and express some recommendations.

Education, Quality Education, International Educational Policy, EFA, Foreign Aid, Latin America, UNESCO

Richter, C. & Morales Ulloa R. (2015). Education for All in Honduras – 15 Jahre nach Dakar. ZEP – Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik, 38(2), 27-32.