Samira KheirallahDieter Kramer

I Come From There – Konflikttransformative Identitätsarbeit mit palästinensischen Flüchtlingen in Jordanien


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For the second, third and even fourth generation of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, the psychosocial effects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not mainly characterized by traumata caused by direct violence and the experience of displacement, but rather wounds provoked by the individual as well as collective transgenerational transfer of traumatic experiences. Working in this context requires special and aligned educational and social work. Therefore, the GIZ programme “Regional Social and Cultural Fund for Palestinian Refugees and Gaza Population” (S&C Fund) implemented on behalf of the German Government focuses in Jordan on collective memory, identity, (awareness of ) trauma and a constructive way of dealing with the past. Taking relevant phenomena such as collective traumata, identity and social remembering into consideration, the article discusses the importance of identity work for finding a constructive way of dealing with the past, despite the ongoing violent conflict.

Palestinian refugees, identity work, conflict transformation, dealing with the past, collective trauma, collective identity