Beate Binder

Heimat als Begriff der Gegenwartsanalyse? Gefühle der Zugehörigkeit und soziale Imaginationen in der Auseinandersetzung um Einwanderung


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Against the background of the current interest for this topic, the author formulates a concept of ‘Heimat’ as a research perspective for European Ethnology / Folklore Studies. On the one hand she looks for the places where the issue is located and for the boundaries they implicate. On the other hand she asks for practices of ‘Beheimatung’ that do not necessarily refer to only one place. The author calls for an open, cross-border conceptualisation of ‘Heimat’ in order to grasp the diverse practices of ‘Beheimatung’. Moreover, she shows parallels to discussions in Postcolonial, Transnational and Gender Studies, that can be utilised for ethnographic analysis.