Beate Binder

Die Anderen der Stadt. Überlegungen zu Forschungsperspektiven im Grenzgebiet von Europäischer Ethnologie und Geschlechterstudien


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Under the title „The Others of the City“ the author develops perspectives on contemporary urban life at the intersection of European ethnology and gender studies. The junctures and friction between these two types of knowledge or research fields are scrutinized in terms of their analytical potential for a research project that asks how – under the conditions of (not just own) mobility and flexibility – social and emotional spaces of relatedness in late-modern cities are constituted and shaped. In the present text this project is illustrated at the example of three stories, which allow for a discussion of different perspectives and approaches: the debate on wild animals in the city, Berlin’s memorial to the murdered Sinti and Roma in Europe and the discourse on „homophobia in the immigration society.“