Markus Maurer

Pfadabhängiger Wandel von Ausbildungsregimen: Die Entwicklung von Ausbildungsprogrammen für die Bekleidungsindustrie in Bangladesch und Sri Lanka aus einer historisch-institutionalistischen Perspektive


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The article compares the development of training programmes that cater to the garment industries in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. By employing an historical-institutionalist perspective, it thereby aims at explaining the differences between these two out-of-firm training regimes in order to contribute to the development of theories on genesis and change of skill formation regimes in developing countries. The analysis suggests that the strong differences between the regimes can be attributed, on the one hand, to considerable differences between in-firm training regimes which have resulted from different strategies to attract foreign investors as well as from different levels of educational development in the two countries. On the other hand, different levels of educational development had very direct consequences on the demand for the training programmes by school leavers and graduates. The evidence thus suggests that the development of skill formation regimes is not only bound to economic change but is equally strongly linked to processes of educational expansion.