Knut SchwippertHanno Frey

Schulevaluation: ein Beispiel aus England


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During the last years, effective evaluation has become one of the key-processes for school development. Not surprisingly, the two most important methods within this area, internal and external evaluation, are being discussed – mostly in a controversial way. This is especially true for Germany, where school evaluation has only just started to gain public attention. In the article, however, the authors argue that internal and external evaluation are not necessarily to be understood as opposing strategies but that parts of both can, instead, be combined to a positive end. In order to sustain their thesis they relate to a topical example which illustrates that a combined method is highly effective; namely evaluation in private schools in England by the Independent School Inspectorate. The article, furthermore, discusses the benefits that can be drawn from an adoption of this method as well as certain risks it may contain.

Schwippert, K. & Frey H. (2004). Schulevaluation: ein Beispiel aus England. Tertium Comparationis, 10(1), .