Nils BerkemeyerBjörn HermsteinSebastian MeißnerIna Semper

Critical educational system development research

A normative-analytical research approach to schoolbased inequality research


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It is a main subject of educational monitoring and inequality research to explore social inequalities. But despite of elaborated research methods it should be noted that these studies are usually not informed by normative reflections. So this article argues for a further development from educational system development research to an integrated theory of inequality research and justice-based school theory: critical educational system development research. Theory-based valuation standards may be used to discuss results of educational inequality research as well as to develop criteria of empirical observation by ethical principles. We will illustrate the critical potential of this programme by the example of the national report on education (“Education in Germany”).

Social inequality, Theories of justice, Critical educational system development research, Educational monitoring, Normativity