Katrin Valentin

Subject-oriented exploration on the behavior of recipients’ adaption of video tutorials

Kurzlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102923

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Video tutorials play an increasing role for informal, non–formal as well as formal teaching-learning processes. It has to be investigated how the appropriation behavior of the users is shaped. Therefore we carried out qualitative and explorative interviews with recipients of video tutorials. The subject–oriented study followed the dynamically transactional approach. It was assumed that the recipients and the field of video tutorials on the internet are in mutual interference. The analysis showed four major aspects of usage behavior with regards to adaption behavior: There is an educational, a (para-)social, an economical and an esthetic aspect. The conclusions that can be drawn from the findings are not only relevant for the media pedagogical discussion, but also provide impulses for the processing of current social challenges.

Video tutorials; Empirical education; YouTube; Educational research; Media education