Markus LindnerSebastian NiedlichJulia KlausingThomas BrüsemeisterKatharina Lüthi

On creating education management arenas in Learning Locally


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The five-year program (2009–2014) Learning Locally invited communities to become champions for education, and to take the initiative to build a coherent local education system – a prerequisite for life-long learning. This article presents results from the fi rst three years of the accompanying academic research, based on 14 case studies conducted in selected communities. Drawing on the theoretical and analytical potential of governance and the concept of social worlds and arenas, conflictual negotiation processes were found to be a condition for the creation of arenas. The Education Management arena is reconstructed as a social boundary spanner. Through coordination, networking, increased transparency as well as education marketing and public relations, Education Management facilitates the interaction of the arenas Integration in the Communal Administration, Involvement of Relevant Protagonists, and Education Monitoring.

Communal education management; Educational governance; Social worlds/arenas

Lindner, M., Niedlich, S., Klausing, J., Brüsemeister, T. & Lüthi K. (2015). Zum Aufbau von Arenen des Bildungsmanagements in Lernen vor Ort. Journal for Educational Research Online (JERO), 7(1), 68-93.