Barbara HanfstinglIrina AndreitzFlorian H. MüllerAlmut E. Thomas

Are self-regulation and self-control mediators between psychological basic needs and intrinsic teacher motivation?


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The focus of this paper is the investigation of personal and environmental conditions of intrinsic teacher motivation. Teacher motivation and particularly underlying conditions for intrinsic teacher motivation still constitute a periferal issue in educational and psychological research. The question whether relatively stable personality dispositions predict intrinsic teacher motivation has been largely neglected. Following self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985b, 2002) and Kuhl's Personality-Systems-Interaction Theory (PSI Theory; Kuhl, 2001; 2010), we propose that perceived support of basic psychological needs (autonomy, competence, and social relatedness), as well as the personality aspects self-regulation (self maintenance) and self-control (goal maintenance) are related to intrinsic teacher motivation. The sample of the survey study consists of 136 Austrian secondary school teachers. Structural equation modeling supports a model in which self regulation serves as a mediator between the perceived support of basic needs and intrinsic teacher motivation, whereas self-control does not play a significant role for the prediction of intrinsic teacher motivation.

Intrinsic teacher motivation, Self-determination theory (SDT), Basic psychological needs, Self-regulation, Self-control, Personality-Systems-Interaction Theory (PSI)