Aims and Scope
The journal DDS wants to contribute to the scientific foundation of education and offers an orientation with regard to current discussions and developments in the educational system. The DDS supports the exchange of scientific knowledge and connects those colleagues, who do theoretical and conceptual research in the fields of education and training, and those, who work in educational institutions, especially in leading positions, or who act as political and administrative decision makers. The topics include all aspects of educational processes and comprehend all relevant disciplines and fields of practice.
Each volume includes some articles with regard to a focus topic and one or more other articles from science, politics, and pedagogical practice; besides, the journal comprehends reports about research projects and reform approaches, contributions for discussion, as well as reviews. All manuscripts and texts, which may refer to each of these categories, should be written in a target group related style.
All main articles, i.e. contributions for the focus topic and for the column “Further Articles”, are subject to an external double blind peer review.

The DDS has a supplement that is published on an irregular basis and special collections that contain articles on special focus topics may be published.