Angelika RedderArne KrauseSusanne PredigerÁngela UribeJonas Wagner

Using Multilingual Resources in the Classroom –
What Are the “Resources”?


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Based on several years of interdisciplinary research on the activation of multilingualism in mathematics classrooms, we discuss the concept of resources and, building on this, elaborate on the specificity of multilingual “networked” knowledge, thinking and learning. Thus, we focus on the epistemic role of multilingual communication, i. e., its function in processes of knowledge attainment.

multilingualism, mathematics, language resources, connective bilingual mode

Redder, A., Krause, A., Prediger, S., Uribe, Á. & Wagner J. (2022). Mehrsprachige Ressourcen im Unterricht nutzen – worin bestehen die „Ressourcen“?. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 114(3), 312-326.