Hans BrügelmannAnnemarie von der Groeben

A Network for Educational Justice

Responsibilities of and Reasons and Models for a New Education Council

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.doi: https://doi.org/10.31244/dds.2018.03.06

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Our society is facing a major challenge: the continuing strong dependence of educational success on social background and a distressingly high number of educational losers. Almost 6,000 people have joined the initiative to set up an “Education Council for Educational Justice.” According to this petition, the causes of milieu-related disadvantages are so diverse and complex that a great political effort is needed to eliminate them, at least to minimize their impact: from early childhood to adult education, from school to urban development, from education policy to social and economic policy. Various models for the construction of such an Education Council and their specific strengths and risks are discussed. In addition to experts from very different fields, above all the experience and intelligence of practitioners must be represented.

educational justice, education council, educational loser

Brügelmann, H. & von der Groeben A. (2018). Ein Netzwerk für Bildungsgerechtigkeit: Begründungen, Aufgaben und Modelle für einen neuen Bildungsrat. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 110(3), 251-262. https://doi.org/10.31244/dds.2018.03.06