Horst Weishaupt

Traditional Vocational Qualifi cation Pathways in Spite of New Challenges on the Job Market

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In the past, no specific importance had to be attached to a systematic coordination between the educational system and the employment system, due to high unemployment. But the replacement of baby boomer generations by low birth rates on the labor market during the next twenty years gives the acquirement of specific needs-oriented qualification profiles an increased importance for a smooth entry into the labor market. This contribution considers which measurements for a better tuning between qualification needs and qualification quotes in upper secondary schools and aft er the acquisition of an entitlement to university studies should be taken, especially in the vocational training system.

demographic change, vocational training, vocational upper secondary schools, dual vocational training system, dual course of studies, vocational training academy

Weishaupt H. (2017). Traditionelle berufliche Qualifizierungswege trotz neuer Herausforderungen am Arbeitsmarkt. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 109(4), 353-367. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102327