Klaudia SchulteDetlef FickermannMarkus Lücken

The Hamburg Process Model of Data-based School Development

Kurzlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART101931

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Due to the implementation of diverse data-based measures for school and quality development, actors on all levels of the educational system face the challenge to base their decisions for optimizing school and education on a variety of data. Until now, systematic reflections on how to orchestrate the different measures and data sources are missing; effect models only illustrate partial aspects. On the base of theoretical reflections and scientific findings, the article introduces a process model of data-based school evaluation feedback, which connects the well-known context-input-process-output-model with two quality cycles in a multilevel way and illustrates different data types as well as their connection. The model was developed in the project “Integrated Use of Data in General Education” in Hamburg. By this, we try to make a contribution to an orchestration of the different measures on the diverse levels of the educational system.

data-based school development, educational monitoring, governance

Schulte, K., Fickermann, D. & Lücken M. (2016). Das Hamburger Prozessmodell datengestützter Schulentwicklung. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 108(2), 176-190. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART101931