Albrecht Wacker

Die Fachkonferenz – Transmissionsriemen zwischen Schule und Unterricht?


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This article wants to approach the growing importance of subject conferences as regulating actors in the context of new regulation concepts at school. Using the example of a teachers survey in Baden-Württemberg, it can be shown how much importance teachers attach to subject conferences. Subsequent to an introduction and a display of the problem (1), the article describes the research design, the method and the reliance of the data (2) and analyzes them with regard to subject conferences (3). Finally, the article resumes the importance of these conferences. They may be seen as “collective actors” at the meso level of the school which make an essential contribution to the realization of top-down reforms, as “transmission belt” between the formally defined reform purposes at the macro level and their implementation on the micro level. The key aspects of this article lie on the question how subject conferences can be understood as “collective actors” at the meso level of the school and on the empirical evidences of this fact.

subject conferences, governance approach, regulation concepts, collective actors