Livia Jesacher-Rößler

School Development Support through Multi-professional Teams

Responsibilities, Cooperation Practices and Understandings of Counselling


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As part of the reform project “Securing Basic Competences”, schools in Austria whose pupils did not meet the minimum requirements over a longer period were required to consult multi-professional advisory teams for school development purposes. These teams were composed of school development counsellors, subject specialists, and representatives of school psychology. Thus, for the first time, different professions were systematically commissioned to accompany schools in their development work. The following article focuses on the cooperation and counselling understandings of the actors in these teams and discusses the findings of an empirical study.

multi-professional teams, school development counselling, school development, cooperation, professionalization, Austria

Jesacher-Rößler L. (2022). Schulentwicklungsbegleitung durch multiprofessionelle Teams: Aufgabenbereiche, Kooperationspraktiken und Beratungsverständnisse. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 114(4), 363-377.