Joachim Herrmann

School Improvement Consulting as a Profession in Need of Further Development


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The pandemic-related school closures of 2020 and 2021 have, on the one hand, increased the social disparities confronting schools in Germany, and, on the other hand, produced learning gaps for many children and young people, which are currently being attempted to address with financially strong programs. This, in turn, reinforces the debate about effective support for schools in their school and teaching improvement, in which very heterogeneous positions are becoming apparent: While university-based subject didactics as well as empirical school and classroom research are pushing for evidence-based and subject-related programs, school improvement and developmental or process consulting are oft en viewed skeptically. A closer look at the emergence and changes of school improvement consulting shall fi rst show that this skepticism is not completely unfounded, before the draft of a conceptual foundation of a school improvement consulting oriented towards successful learning is outlined. This promises to close the gap of the school-internal implementation – and thus the effectiveness – of those evidence-based programs, since no concept, no matter how standardized, will work without recontextualized adaptation.

school improvement, instructional improvement, process consulting, systemic consulting, organizational consulting