Gregor Lang-Wojtasik

Inklusive Exklusion durch Religion in Indien – hindu-nationalistische Tendenzen als Alarmsignal für die Weltgemeinschaft am Beispiel der National Education Policy


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The draft of the National Education Policy of 2019 presents an educational policy framework for whole India. This opens up a paradigm shift for the biggest democracy of the world, according to own description. The Hindu nationalist ruling party’s ideological arguments question the secular-plural democracy that has existed since the subcontinent gained independence. Unity in diversity guaranteed by the constitution shall be replaced by inclusive Hindu nationalism. This excludes those who do not want to follow this ideology. The implied world-historical superiority is based on civilizing roots of the Indus Valley. The article sorts out exemplary aspects of the topic systematically for enlightened global citizens in and outside India who are aware of their historical responsibility.

Indian Education Policy, Hindu Nationalism, Hindutva, Unity in Diversity