Reinhard StockmannWolfgang Meyer

The Institutionalization of Evaluation in Europe


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Although evaluation is booming worldwide, little is known about the institutionalization of evaluation in individual countries throughout the world. In order to overcome this lack of knowledge, the Center for Evaluation (CEval) of Saarland University has launched a research project that uses a comprehensive theoretical and methodological concept to examine the degree of institutionalization in all countries where evaluation plays a significant role. A distinction is made between the political, social and professionalization systems. The results for Europe are now available. Despite the enormous cultural, social and political differences that exist between the European countries, it can be seen that institutionalization is strongest in the political system, but weakest in the social system. It is also astonishing that there is hardly any connection between the degree of institutionalization in the political and social system and the professionalization system. The cross-border driving forces have been above all administrative modernization (New Public Management, output/outcome control etc.) as well as the requirements of the EU.

Evaluation, History, Institutionalization of Evaluation, New Public Management, Europe

Stockmann, R. & Meyer W. (2020). Die Institutionalisierung der Evaluation in Europa. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 19(1), 111-135.