Lydia Kater-WettstädtHenrike Terhart

Globales Lernen in der Schule – Partizipation im Spannungsfeld von Inklusion und Exklusion


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Participation is a demanded pedagogical claim, which is currently expressed especially in the context of inclusive schooling, but longer already in Global Learning or Education for Sustainable Development. Against this background, the paper deals with the question of how the claim of global learning or education for sustainable development that aims for a good life for all and that the participation of “abstract absentees” could be theoretically formulated for pedagogical practice in schools. It is argued that global learning as a demand for participative action at the level of everyday practices takes place in an interplay of situational inclusion and exclusion – a field of tension whose complexity is further increased by the consideration of global social integration. Embedded in an inclusive normative conceptual framework, the discussion in this field of tension can stimulate the relfexive questioning of teaching practices and teaching-learning settings with regard to the associated constructions of difference and possibilities of participation.

participation, school, inclusion, exclusion