Doren PrinzMarta Kulik

Selected Results from the Quantitative Evaluation of the Introduction of Inclusive Education in Hamburg (EiBiSch-Project)

Selected Analysis Results from the Qualitative EiBiSch-Study


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The inclusive enrolment of children with and without special educational needs, which was comprehensively introduced in Hamburg in 2012, was scientifically evaluated within the framework of the EiBiSch-Project according to the regulations of the Hamburg Parliament. The presented selected results refer to the qualitative sub-project of the EiBiSch-study, in which primarily the parties (n=59) involved in the implementation of inclusive enrolment were questioned within the scope of guided interviews. With a view to the complex task “inclusive school,” which requires extensive development and adjustment measures from the involved institutions and the active players, these measures were examined in the context of organization, teaching and staff development.

evaluation, school development, inclusion, cooperation