Katrin Schulz-HeidorfOddny Judith Solheim

Adapted teaching: A chance to reduce the effect of social origin? A comparison between Germany and Norway, using PIRLS 2011

Kurzlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102069

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Adapted teaching is associated with high hopes regarding its potential to meet heterogeneity in the classroom and has, as such, been anchored in nearly all federal school laws in Germany. As this is a fairly new, not yet fully implemented development that comes with a number of obstacles, an international comparison was conducted to estimate its capability of reducing social disparities in school, giving prospects of its potential development in Germany. For this, Norway was chosen since adapted teaching has a long tradition there. Using a multilevel structural equation model and data from PIRLS 2011, it is analysed whether adapted teaching reduces the effect that social origin has on reading achievement and self-concept in reading.