Andreas KlausingVera Husfeldt

Linking Educational Statistics Data with Performance Measurement Data at Individual Level in Switzerland


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The article shows the considerations and measures in Switzerland based on which the linking of official government data with performance measurement data at individual level is made possible. The considerations are presented against the background of PISA surveys and the forthcoming assessment of the achievement of national educational goals. On the basis of a constitutional mandate, the Swiss Confederation and the cantons jointly develop the Swiss educational system in connection with an education monitoring process. This process brings together educational policy and educational research, which in turn benefits educational reporting. A key aim of the process is to close data and research gaps. Currently, one of the focuses is on the presentation of various courses of education. The present state of implementation is as follows: Official government data at individual level (pupils/students, teachers) and at institutional level have been harmonised throughout Switzerland. Each pupil/student and each teacher have been assigned a social security number. Each institution has its identifier. This allocation is executed exclusively by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The requisite legal adjustments at national level have already been made. In particular, there is now an ordinance in force at national level that allows the linking of official government data sets at individual level with third party data. At present, the operational processes are being elaborated, involving three parties: the education authorities (which have ownership of the performance measurement data), educational researchers (who require linked data as a basis for their research work), and the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (which holds the key to the linking system and ensures data security).

linking of data, education monitoring, performance measurement, educational research, educational statistics

Klausing, A. & Husfeldt V. (2015). Verknüpfung von Daten aus Bildungsstatistik und Leistungsmessungen auf Individualebene in der Schweiz. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 107(4), 352-364.