Johan van Bruggen

Schulleiter/in-Sein in den Niederlanden


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What does the typical practice of principals in the Netherlands look like? To give a survey for German readers, this article describes the position of principals (primary and secondary schools) within the educational system, in due consideration of their leading position. The issues of school size, payment, relationship between school boards and principals, and the “mental” distance between teachers and principals are addressed. Furthermore, the article deals with the competences and functions of principals – which are not determined by law! –, their training and their opportunities for professional development and professionalization. T e article is based on the increasingly scientificly Schulleiter/in-Sein in den Niederlanden proved comprehension that the educational leadership of principals is essential for good modern schools. Finally, the article deals with future developments and asks about the diff erences between principals in Germany and in the Netherlands.

principals in the Netherlands, competences and functions of principals, training and professional development of principals, educational leadership