Christiane SpielBarbara SchoberPetra WagnerRalph ReimannDagmar Strohmeier

The Conception of Bildung-Psychology and the Potential of Its Structural Model


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Bildung-Psychology is dealing with educational processes as well as with the conditions influencing these processes. This is always done from the perspective of psychology. The thematic frame of this discipline is defined by three dimensions: (I) the chronological educational career of an individual, (II) the fields of activities and (III) the several levels of these activities. The potential of Bildung-Psychology and its structural model will be illustrated using the sample case of violence prevention in school.

Bildung-psychology, educational career, lifelong learning, school program, violence prevention

Spiel, C., Schober, B., Wagner, P., Reimann, R. & Strohmeier D. (2011). Die Konzeption der Bildungspsychologie und das Potential ihres Strukturmodells. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 103(4), 381-392.