Bernd Wagner

Interkulturelle Sachlernprozesse in Grundschulaustauschen


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This article presents results of a four-year binational comparative study ‘Interkulturelles, informelles Lernen von Kindern – eine vergleichende Grundschulstudie in Frankreich und Deutschland (2013–2016)’ of primary school children’s learning processes associated with travel and cross-cultural encounter. Primary school exchange programs are focused and investigated in France and Germany founded by the French-German Youth Office. In the ethnographic study the research group of the universities Paris Est-Créteil and Leipzig evaluates video material of 20 primary school exchange programs in relation to the cross-sectional task of intercultural education, which may be addressed by German primary school lessons in social science. The study investigates also material of the preparation and follow-up-activities of the exchange journeys.

Wagner B. (2017). Interkulturelle Sachlernprozesse in Grundschulaustauschen. Tertium Comparationis, 23(2), 175-191.