Thomas GeierMagnus Frank

Schulen der Anderen? – Schulgründung als Subjektivierung in rassisierten Diskursen der Migrationsgesellschaft


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Common requirements of the educational system concerning the fact of migration practice aim either towards an optimization of the mostly nation-state conceived educational institutions or towards an optimization in terms of integrating the ones marked as ‘migrant others’ within the system to this very system (Geier, 2020). Usually, pedagogical institutions address migrants – as recently seen again in context of global refugee migration – as more or less a new clientele they must adopt to. In contrast, this article uses selected initiatives of school foundations to show how the ones addressed as immigrants have already become actors within the nation-state’s educational system and thus articulate themselves in the accompanying pedagogical, political, and social logics of belonging in migration-societal discourses. The analysis highlights that a perspective informed by theory on racism is required to understand the school foundations as subjectivations within positioning processes permeated by racialized borders of difference. Empirically, the article is based on reconstructions of interviews with the founders of a private school within the educational network of the so-called Gülen Movement.