Patricia StošićSvenja VielufSusanne BöseAnna Laschewski

Schulkulturen im Kontext migrationsbezogener Differenz und Ungleichheit – Theoretische und empirische Perspektivierungen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des schulischen Umgangs mit Mehrsprachigkeit


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The present contribution takes up the theme of optimizing the ‘other’ by examining ways migrationrelated heterogeneity and difference, and in particular multilingualism, are pedagogically addressed in schools. It is based on a research project that uses a mixed-methods design to analyze schoolcultural differences in approaches to addressing migration-related heterogeneity and difference in the context of students who immigrated after the age of six into the German school system. Against this background, the contribution focuses, on the one hand, on connections between the Hallesche school-culture theory and a school-related educational migration research. On the other hand, it presents exemplary results from the quantitative sub-study concerning the ways different schools address multilingualism of their students. The results show – across schools – a strong monolingual orientation of schools. Yet, also differences between schools become apparent.