The educational challenge of cultural diversity in the<br />international context

Christos GovarisStavroula Kaldi (Hrsg.)

The educational challenge of cultural diversity in the
international context

2010,  1. Auflage, E-Book (PDF),  26,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-7219-8

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The present book contributes to the promotion of intercultural scientific discourse concerning the issue of managing the, worldwide common, challenge of cultural diversity in different education systems. Considering the diversity in the school student population as an educational challenge, the aim of this volume is to present theoretical and research works associated to the scientific discourse about intercultural education and its importance to education on a national level and to the educational policies regarding school integration of pupils with immigrant background in different education systems. The examples about the effective management of diversity of student population on a national level and the open scientific questions that are presented can contribute to broaden our perspective regarding the width both of dimensions of this educational challenge and of the possibilities to manage the diversity of student population effectively.