E-Learning in Europe - Learning Europe

Ullrich DittlerHelge KahlerMichael KindtChristine Schwarz (Hrsg.)

E-Learning in Europe - Learning Europe

How have new media contributed to the development of higher education?

2005,  Medien in der Wissenschaft,  Band 35,  328  Seiten,  E-Book (PDF),  0,00 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-6558-9

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This book contains contributions about the past, present and future of e-learning in twelve European countries. The papers are written by experts about their respective countries, together with one paper that deals with the subject from a transnational perspective. The main question treated and answered in this book is how digital media has contributed to Higher Education Development in different national contexts.

Beyond a mere description of the situation in different countries, the socio-technical approach adopted in this book also offers the opportunity to make comparisons and thus fosters understanding between experts from different disciplines and cultures. This book takes stock of a decade of digital media in Higher Education in Europe by presenting a first comparative approach and encouraging discussion by adopting a relativist rather than a generalist approach. Readers are thus stimulated to envisage how e-learning might have developed in their own work and learning context and to shape how it may do so.