Reflections on Educational Achievement

Wilfried BosRainer Lehmann (Hrsg.)

Reflections on Educational Achievement

Papers in Honour of T. Neville Postlethwaite

1995,  310  Seiten,  E-Book (PDF),  35,90 €,  ISBN 978-3-8309-5310-4

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This book is dedicated to T. Neville Postlethwaite, an outstanding scholar who in March 1995 retired from his professorship at the Institute of Comparative Education at the University of Hamburg. It contains a number of articles by authors who have accompanied him during various stages of his life and work. The contributions represent different fields of research, ranging from educational psychology to issues relevant to educational policy making. They also display a variety of different methodological approaches. This wide spectrum will help the novice educational researcher to become familiar with the classical, as well as recently developed, techniques and applications in the field of educational achievement. The expert may enjoy this anthology as an influence which T. Neville Postlethwaite has exerted both as an academic teacher and researcher.

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Torsten Husén: Thomas Neville Postlethwaite: A Doctorfather's Subjective Portrait

Frederick F. Abrahams & Ingrid N. Sommerkorn: Promoting Gender Awareness in the Classroom: An Example from Germany

Bodo von Borries: Exploring the Construction of Historical Meaning: Cross-Cultural Studies of Historical Consciousness Among Adolescents

Wilfried Bos: International Summer Language Courses: Their Role in Learning to Appreciate Multiculturalism and Developing a Sense of "Europeanness"

Jörn Bruhn: Mathematics Education and Comparative Studies: Two Examples

Arthur Cropley: Creative Performance in Older Adults

Sabine Gruehn & Peter M. Roeder: Concomitants of Achievement in Mathematics: A Comparative Analysis

Annegret Harnischfeger: Fad or Reform? The Standards Movement in the United States

Wilfried Hartmann: Different Approaches to Comparative Mother-Tongue Education (CME)

John P. Keeves: The Contribution of IEA Research to Australian Education

Dieter Kotte & Ralf Witt: Chance and Challenge: Assessing Economic Literacy

Rosine Lambin: What can Planners Expect from International Quantitative Studies?

Rainer H. Lehmann: Take it from the Bright and Give it to the Poor? Some Remarks on Within-Classroom Homogeneity in Reading Achievement

Arieh Lewy: The Impact of Evaluation Studies: The Researcher's View

Renate Nestvogel: School Education in 'Third World' Countries: Dream or Trauma?

Andreas Schleicher: Comparability Issues in International Educational Comparisons

Klaus Schleicher: Trends and Current State of Environmental Education in Germany

Norbert Sellin: Partial Least Squares Modeling in Research on Educational Achievement

Jörn Wittern: Media Change How Schools Instruct

Richard M. Wolf: The Role of Performance Assessment in Studies of Educational Achievement

Wolfgang Mitter: Concluding Considerations: Approach to a Critical Laudation

Curriculum Vitae T. Neville Postlethwaite

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