Clarke, Clifford H.

Clarke, Clifford H.

Clifford H. Clarke, the founder and CEO of Clarke Consulting Group, Inc. (1980), a global consulting and training firm that was headquartered in Redwood City, California, is now retired in Kyoto, Japan. A founder of the intercultural field who has led the way in merging the intercultural and business worlds, Clifford’s geographical area of expertise is Japan. His family has an extensive history in that country dating back to 1898; he himself lived in Japan from the age of 7 until he returned to the US to attend college. His strong academic background in Stanford University’s Interdisciplinary Studies in the Social Sciences PhD programme (ABD) is supplemented by his extensive experience in global business consulting. Clifford taught courses in Intercultural Communication for eight years at Stanford University where he founded and directed the Stanford Institute for Intercultural Communication for ten years. While at Stanford he also designed and implemented US English teacher selection systems for two Japanese Ministries for ten years. Following his eleven-year career as the foreign student counsellor at Cornell and Stanford Universities, in 1980 Clifford began serving as a consultant to global corporations by directing corporate culture research projects and facilitating technology transfers for numerous American companies with subsidiaries primarily in Japan. He designed and conducted workshops for senior management teams on culturally integrated leadership, intercultural team-building and corporate culture change and development. In 2005 he returned to academia and taught Intercultural Communication courses for five years at the University of Hawaii. Clifford is currently focusing his work on more writing and published his latest article, Reflections from History: How Shifting Paradigms Created Intercultural Innovations, in the Journal of Intercultural Communication, No. 20, 2017 (July).


Purple Jacaranda

Purple Jacaranda

Narrations on transcultural identity development

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