Coghlan, David

Professor David Coghlan is Professor Emeritus at the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and is a Fellow Emeritus of the College. He has published over 11 books and over 140 articles and book chapters. Recent co-authored books include: „Organizational Change and Strategy“ (Routledge, 2016), „Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization“ (4th ed. Sage, 2014) and „Collaborative Strategic Improvement through Network Action Learning“ (Edward Elgar, 2011). He is co-editor of the „SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research“ (2014), the 4 volume set, „Fundamentals of Organization Development“ (Sage, 2010), and the forthcoming 4 volume set, „Action Research in Business and Management“ (Sage, 2016). He is currently on the editorial
boards of: „Journal of Applied Behavioral Science“, „Action Research, Action Learning: Research and Practice“, „Systemic Practice and Action Research“, among others.

Theorie und Praxis verzahnen<br />Lebenslanges Lernen an Hochschulen

Theorie und Praxis verzahnen
Lebenslanges Lernen an Hochschulen

Ergebnisse der wissenschaftlichen Begleitung des Bund-Länder-Wettbewerbs Aufstieg durch Bildung: offene Hochschulen

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