Thomas PrescherIana Ganushko

Lehr-Lern-Prozesse in der Russischen Föderation: Kontext und Bedingungen für ein Konzept selbstgesteuerten Lernens


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Against the background of the curricular focus of vocational schools in the Russian Federation on the promotion of competences on the one hand, and on the other hand instruction practices dominated by frontal teaching, the authors examine the question of how vocational schooling can be described with regard to self-directed learning in a German-Russian comparison and what follows in this regard for transfer of didactic concepts. In order to answer this question, interviews with vocational school teachers from both countries as well as classroom observations are included and analyzed in terms of contents and by means of descriptive statistics. The central result is that teachers in the Russian Federation estimate the quality of self-directed learning lower than teachers in Germany.

vocational training export, competence development, school development, dual vocational education, Russian Federation