Jean Kasereka Lutswamba

School Leadership and Educational Quality in Schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo


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In many schools in Sub-Sahara Africa, school principals and teachers experience problems to provide quality teaching. Most teaching methods are traditional. Some teachers are still using corporal punishment. The school principals behave as corporals and their feedbacks are destructive. In some regions, the best teachers leave the system. The unfortunate consequence of this situation on the pupils is school failure (EPT DRC, 2009). However, scientific research in education shows that school leadership has a great influence on the school performance, particularly, when leadership is based on constructive feedback. By its two main functions of information and strengthening, constructive feedback acquires power to motivate those who receive it to improve their performances or their behavior. This article reflects these problems and strategies how to address them by trainings are discussed.

School leadership, constructive feedback, educational quality