Christian Brüggemann

Inklusive Bildung als globale Norm. Einleitende Bemerkungen zu einem entstehenden Forschungsfeld und den Beiträgen in diesem Heft


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Since inclusive education is increasingly recognised as an international human right and a global development goal it becomes more and more relevant for international and comparative educational research. Inclusive education serves as an example to explore the worldwide institutionalisation of global educational norms. In order to draw a comprehensive picture of how inclusive education is institutionalised globally, I suggest to analyse and relate processes of norm emergence, norm diffusion and norm appropriation (Finnemore & Sikkink, 1998). Thus, this article aims to encourage linking international inclusion research more closely to comparative social sciences.

Inclusive Education, Human Rights, UN-CRPD, Salamanca Statement, World Culture, Culturally Specific Worlds of Meaning, International Inclusion Research, Comparative Education