Claire Moulin-Doos

Bürger als Mit-Akteur und Rechtssubjekt: Europäische und globale Bürgerschaft als Orientierung für die politische Bildung?


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With citizenship understood as democratic co-actor and liberal legal subject, we will discuss the existence and the relevance of a European and a global citizenship. Historically, an EU citizen was constituted as a legal subject and is now developing partially into a subsidiary political co-actor. A “European citizen” of the Council of Europe as a legal subject of Human Rights can be said to exist. Global citizenship hence turns out to be limited: it mainly refers to a “declarative” legal subject and to a small number of mostly professional political actors. A considerable challenge for civic education is the significant chasm between normative (philosophical and pedagogical) approaches as global learning on the one hand, and the political and legal reality on the other hand. It is still unclear whether and how civic education should and could contribute to the creation of a European or a global citizen.

national & supranational citizenship, democracy, liberalism