Claudia Bergmüller

Wirkungen beobachten? Anregungen schulischer Evaluationsforschung für Globales Lernen im (außer-)schulischen Kontext


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In the wake of increasingly scarce public funds also the area of development education is increasingly calling for a more powerful outcome resp. impact orientation of the educational work. This requirement applies to both a pro-active planning of educational activities as well as a report writing based on impact analysis evaluating the success of these measures. However, the observation of effects which is necessary for such an analysis is not trivial in the context of global education. In this paper, this fact is taken as a starting point to investigate possibilities to appropriately implement effect observation in the field of Global Education especially from the perspective of a praxis-related reporting. Based on experiences of school evaluation research suggestions will be made how to deal constructively with key challenges as the technology deficit of educational work and the associated under-complexity of causal resp. functional chains.

global education, effect observation, evaluation, evaluation research