Dorothea McEwan

Der gute Bischof Nikolaus
Aby Warburgs Interpretation der russischen Übersetzung von „Struwwelpeter“ und die politischen Parodien „Struwwelhitler – A Nazi Story Book“ und „Schicklgrüber“


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What do the children book Struwwelpeter, Aby Warburg’s interest in its Russian translation and two examples of its political metamorphoses, Struwwelhitler and Schicklgr_ber, have in common? They offer a key to the development of the good bishop Nicholas, the main protagonist in one of the original Struwwelpeter Tales. The popularity of this stock figure triggered the politicization of Struwwelpeter, resurfacing in such diverse figures as Emperor William II and President Richard Nixon. The original book idea has become a timeless formula which turns hated politicians in the twinkling of an eye to ridiculous figures of fun.