Uschi AnthamattenBertrand BisePhilipp RöserDominique SchneuwlyNicolas WallartLilith WernliMartin Wicki

Evaluation Activities in the Swiss Federal Administration


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The Swiss Federal Administration looks back on approximately 25 years of evaluation activity, which originated in the 1990s and 2000s and was accompanied by an increasing institutionalization of evaluation in Switzerland. With the total revision of the Federal Constitution, Article 170 was introduced in 1999, which mandates the Federal Assembly to review federal measures and ultimately also includes the Federal Council and the Federal Administration. In 2004, the Federal Council strengthened evaluation activities in the federal administration and, at the beginning of 2020, further consolidated the processes and principles that have been established for ex-ante-evaluations. An evaluation culture is constantly evolving and is usually a lengthy, never-ending process. An active and continuous exchange between those responsible for evaluation in the individual federal offi ces is essential to avoid too much heterogeneity.

Evaluation Practices, Evaluation Culture, Regulatory Impact Assessment, Ex-post-Evaluation