Markus KoppenborgMareike LandmannLena Mörsch

Evaluating Cross-disciplinary Study Programs in Higher
Education – University of Cologne’s Studium Integrale


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Like many other institutions of higher education, the University of Cologne established a cross-disciplinary program to complement regular Bachelor programs. This overarching Studium Integrale (SI) allows undergraduate students to become acquainted with topics of other disciplines and to acquire competencies relevant for their studies and for future employment. For a formative evaluation, a logic model was created that allowed to identify quality criteria. By using survey data and exports from databases, these criteria were assessed empirically, resulting in areas of development regarding technical, organizational, strategic and content-related aspects. Commonly used instruments for quality assurance in higher education do not seem suitable for evaluating cross-disciplinary overarching programs. Using SI as an example, the article demonstrates and discusses opportunities and boundaries of the chosen approach for evaluation and quality assurance of such programs.

Interdisciplinary Study Program, Quality Assurance, Logic Model, Database Analysis