Kira HowerHolger PfaffJörg KonsLena GroßLena Ansmann

Results of the Evaluation of the FITKIDS Program on Child Orientation in Drug Counselling Centers (EvaFit Study)


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The organizational and personnel development program FITKIDS aims to promote child orientation in drug counseling centers. The evaluation study EvaFit examines the implementation of FITKIDS in 15 drug counselling centers with regard to structures and processes as well as knowledge and competencies. In a before-after design, employees were surveyed before (T0; n=192) and one year after implementation (T1; n=157) using a standardized questionnaire. Ten pilot sites that implemented FITKIDS four to five years ago were surveyed as a reference group (T1; n=70).The results showed a low child orientation in structures and processes at T0 with a significant increase to T1. The level of knowledge and skills was already higher before implementation and showed no significant changes. EvaFit shows the potential to change organizational structures and processes in order to consider and address the needs of children of drug addicts in drug counselling.

Drug Counseling, Organizational Development, Evaluation, Implementation