Wolfgang HabermannDaniela Lohaus

How to Find out Whether Integration Measures Are Monetarily Worthwhile

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Systematic integration programs are rarely examined with regard to their monetary value. But such findings would be supportive of human resources management first to evaluate its own target achievement and second to justify the expenditures spent for integration programs. An approach is presented that relies on controlling data and personal evaluations. It calculates a money value range for successful integration programs as well as a method to optimize the monetary inputs of single integration measures with regard to the total utility benefit.

Integration of New Employees, Cost-Benefit Calculation, Weighted Estimate of Performance, Financial Optimization

APA citation
Habermann, W. & Lohaus D. (2015). Lohnt sich die systematische Integration neuer Mitarbeiter/-innen auch finanziell?. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 14(1), 35-55. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART101618