Christian DillerPhilipp GareisMartin KohlIsabel Schmidtholz

Formal Network Analysis as an Element of Evaluations – Theoretic-Methodical Considerations and an Example from Regional Development Policy


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Developing networks is now an important aim of many spatially based funding programmes. This raises the question of how the dynamic development of networks can be captured within evaluations. In recent years, significant advances have been made in formal quantitative network analysis, which allow tracing the dynamic development of networks. Nonetheless, there are very few investigations in which quantitative network analyses are integrated in evaluations. This paper first presents the state of research in this field. An example of regional policy, the 2012-13 Demonstration Project of Spatial Planning for the rural district of Vogelsberg in Hesse, is then used to illustrate problems that typically occur when a quantitative panel network analysis is integrated in an evaluation.

Network Analysis, Evaluation, Regional Development