Christian HohendannerMatthias KlemmMarkus PrombergerFrank Sowa

From Workfare to ‚Regular‘ Employment?

A Mixed-Methods-Evaluation of In-Firm Transitions of One-Euro-Jobs to Regular Employment


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This paper investigates in-firm transitions from so-called ‚one-euro-jobs‘ to regular em-ployment. One-euro-jobs are an important workfare instrument of German labour market policy and are meant to increase employability of long term unemployed persons, enabling them to apply for regular jobs after a long time off the labour market. By using qualitative methods, hypotheses are developed to explain why those transitions occur at all. Then we will check those hypotheses with quantitative methods using a special survey of the IAB-Establishment Panel. The main finding is that those in-firm transitions do less seem to result from increasing employability of the participants, but more from the indirect funding of regular jobs in the respective companies.

One-Euro-Jobs, Workfare, Mixed-Methods-Evaluation, Labour Market Policy

APA citation
Hohendanner, C., Klemm, M., Promberger, M. & Sowa F. (2010). Vom Ein-Euro-Jobber zum ‚regulären‘ Mitarbeiter?: Eine Mixed-Methods-Evaluation zu innerbetrieblichen Übergängen aus öffentlich geförderter in sozialversicherungspflichtige Beschäftigung. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 9(2), .