Andrea BossenGeorg Breidenstein

Unterricht unter der Bedingung von Abwesenheit

Beobachtungen zum Verhältnis von Raum und Inklusion anhand der Corona-Krise


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The article is based on qualitative interviews conducted with primary school teachers in the situation of school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to focus on the 'normality' of school teaching in a crisis situation: What is revealed about the otherwise unexamined basics of 'teaching' when the common presence of teachers and pupils in the classroom is not possible? The analysis is directed in particular at the spatial constitution of teaching as the physical co-presence of the teacher and the members of a learning group in the classroom. This basic spatial condition of teaching can be understood as 'inclusion' in a certain sense. At the very least, the crisis of school closure underlines how much any shared and common engagement with the topic is dependent on a practice of interaction among those physically present.